Personalized Health Navigation and Education Services

We aim to provide:

·Reliable, culturally sensitive, compassionate, continuous and comprehensive support,
·For acute, chronic and palliative conditions.
(however, we are happy to try to assist people whom have not received a definitive diagnosis from a medical practitioner (or has conflicting or unclear ones) and is seeking some unique approaches and real answers.)

This will be accomplished through:

·Enhanced and clarified education and knowledge. 
This will reveal the healing potential of a more complete understanding of one's situation, and enable more control and potential for productive action.  (For the client; but also their spouse, children, extended family, and care-givers)

·Direct advocacy for any medical appointments/procedures.
(We facilitate the creation of a clear and respectfully reciprocal communication between client and health professional; by way of formulating clear questions which the client would like to express and have answered, and providing straight forward explanations (then and/or later) of the medical professional's responses.

·Greater personal health awareness. 
(On biological, psychological and sociological levels.)

·Reinforced social and professional networking.
 (A crucial competent to healing is strong support groups as well as a social/work life!),


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