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        A Chronic Illness that is never properly helped?

A Medical Diagnosis that leaves you feeling lost and helpless?



STEP 1. ASSESSMENT (Condition and Needs)

A confident and comprehensive personalized assessment will be conducted in private to;
  • help determine existing or potential medical conditions that need to be addressed,
  • describe a potential plan of action and care to be adapted as needs and situations change.
  • initial meet is free of charge.

STEP 2. EDUCATION (Knowledge Helps Heal)

We take time to clearly explain, with an interactive and visual presentation;
  • the underlying physical processes of the condition or event,
  • the mechanism of action for medications/treatments taken or considered, 
  • the biological, social and psychological components of health specific to the client.
  • the available techniques and therapeutics found locally and worldwide, including human clinical trials.

STEP 3.  PERSONALIZATION (Coping and Recovery Strategies)

At a fully modernized audiovisual conference room, office, or in-home: we organize and conduct;
  • private one-on-one sessions with the client, whenever needed,
  • family group meetings, including real-time video conversations with family,
  • includes a format to clearly inform other members of the family (abroad or at home) of a diagnosis, with our experienced support,
  • integrated healthcare team member meetings, to ensure common goals, clarified support plans, and efficient care.
We illuminate the physical and emotional needs of the client, and follow-up with;
  • evolving personalized coping and recovery strategies,
  • adapted support networks from all levels of the client's life,
  • extended care team dynamics and communication.

STEP 4. CONTINUITY (Constant Connection and Communication)

Most importantly, we communicate continuously with our clients, being;
  • available in person and through most electronic formats.
  • able to monitor progress and help with any of the complex issues which could arise over time.
  • ready to encourage and facilitate regular communication with primary/secondary care specialists and any others on your team.
  • your advocates for your health, we offer to relay your concerns or questions directly to specialists for you,
  • willing to extend to arranging meetings between one of us and a care-giver of yours on the clients behalf if desired.
We also conduct continuous academic journal literature and current treatment research;
  • learning as much information possible with regard to both new and old treatments worldwide,
  • discovering which clinical trials or treatments you have direct or indirect access to, through connections we have already, or can make,
  • revealing any changes in the understanding or treatment options for the relevant condition(s). 

STEP 5. COMPLEMENTARY (Multi-Faceted Care)

  • Our services are complementary to all medical/health care, with connections to many other complementary health care professionals,
  • We describe and guide decisions as to what local complementary and alternative care is appropriate to the client, and why,
  • We fuse Eastern and Western approaches in a holistic multi-disciplinary philosophy which considers;
  • Mind, body and spirit (however you choose to define it) as all crucial components for evolving your daily and long-term health and happiness plans.

 * We are also able to arrange personalized genetic testing and/or analysis of the results from such testing
 - e.g. predisposition gene alleles for breast cancer from "23 AND ME" genetic testing.

** We can conduct free access public education seminars on broader topics such as autoimmunity, where individuals with a diagnosis and their family, friends and caregivers can attend and freely ask questions, network, and learn.

Examples of cases we work with:

- restricted and metastasized cancer such as Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma, Colon Cancer, Lymphoma and Leukemia.
- autoimmune disorders such as Systemic Lupus Erythematous, Diabetes Type II, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.
- endometriosis and related pathologies.
- chronic pain such as from Fibromyalgia.
- neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
- primary muscular conditions such as Amyotophic Lateral Sclerosis.
- directly inherited genetic conditions such as Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington's and Cystic Fibrosis.
- multifactorial conditions such as Atherosclerosis, Congestive Heart Failure, COPD and Pulmonary Edema.
- microbial infections such as Hepatitis C and Mononucleosis.
- physical trauma such as due to accidents or surgery.
- psychological trauma/stress such as PTSD or when caring for a sick loved one.
- palliative care and terminal diagnoses of any kind.
- and more.

  Do not let your diagnosis/injury define you.

Applied Psychology Research Study

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